Training about enforcement of receivables

The training is designed for office workers and businessmen who are responsible for round ringit the clients to ensure a good payment discipline. Training is lead by an experienced claims administrator in form of a concise theory and an interactive input of the trainees. During training, a simulated call is used, followed by a practical interpretation of the defence and application of manipulative techniques. Training is in the range of 7 hours.

Brief content:

  • Summary of theory
  • Communication with the debtor
  • The first contact in the position debtor versus creditor
  • The following kontacts
  • Pressure versus effect
  • Evidence
  • Goal versus means
  • Chronology of verification
  • Effective defence versus rhetoric
  • Evaluation

Place of training: Malátova 1983/4, 400 11 Ústí nad Labem

Price: CZK 2.900 + VAT

Everone who owes has a reason. Maybe waits for the money. Maybe he does not have it and never will. Maybe he just does not want to pay you. Maybe he needs money for something else and it suits him that you do him the pot.

Each reminder of someone who is brandishing his reasons is unpleasant. At first, you will feel unpleasantly to urge the client. If you decide, the debtor might soothe you. Then he will postpone the payment, he even affirms to have sent it a while ago and before you know it, the debtor is insolvent. Educate yourself and your employees in the arguments. Do not allow the urgency of recovered debt become a conflict, which could frustrate your goal. Use Traning about enforcement of receivables!