Services of detective agency

Detective services

  • tracking people and property
  • searching for people and property
  • tracking and searching abroad
  • family issues
  • securing evidence
  • special services
  • bodyguarding
  • the agent of the injured party
  • search for wiretaps
  • corporate security clearances
  • investigations, criminology
  • CCTV security systems
  • security of objects
  • work for law firms
  • providing forensic experts, assuring the executor

Security services

Security of industrial and private buildings

  • Physical security of property - carried out with trained guards according to the client's wishes. Surveillance of the building is done in three ways:
  1. Fixed station - one-stop surveillance where the watch monitors the cameras and in case of disturbance performs the necessary actions to prevent damage and continues according to the safety instructions and proper training.
  2. Patrols - patrolling where the guard walks at predetermined intervals on the premises and at the same time reports through chips that are located at different locations of the guarded object. The chips also allow guards to be checked.
  3. Possibility of a service dog - in the case of the client's interest, we also offer the possibility of hiring a dog handler with a service dog. It is a specific activity that depends on the previous agreement with the client.
  • Security of buildings, business centers, banks
  • Security of objects by CCTV - installation of cameras at risky places. Continuous monitoring of buildings, buildings and offices. At hazardous locations, fire alarm and signallisation can be installed (interruption of power, temperature, altitude, etc.). Camera systems can be exploited on-line or over a certain period of time, which is appropriate for back-checking in the case of an intruder.
  • contact security - providing an object with a motorized patrol where the so-called patrol patrols objects at regular or irregular intervals. Ideal patch connection with PCO. On the place of the patrol, patrol advances according to the agreement with the client and specified requirements of the client. Such an inspection is conducted with an accurate record of the possibility of back-checking.
  • operation of gateways - providing the building with the so-called door-guards , which performs:
  1. trade activity
  2. personal checks
  3. vehicle checks (freight concierge)
  4. employee control (arrivals and departures)
  5. visit
  6. operation of the PBX
  7. key evidence
  • transportation of finances (companies, department stores, physical entities)
    Performed by specially trained and certified personnel. You can use one-time transport or regular transports. Possibility of usability when moving profit and various valuables. For reasons of safety, the route is interchanged to destinations. For these purposes, the Detective Service uses a specialized vehicle with a direct link to the dispatching center. The vehicle is continuously monitored by GPS.
  • security in the company
  • security audits - we carry out security audits of companies focusing on the screening of existing workers, screening of new workers.
  • security projects - in agreement with the client and on the basis of a site inspection we will develop a so-called security project, which will highlight the risk factors and possibilities of risk reduction measures.
  • development of security risks 

PCO - centralized protection desk

  • technical security of objects
  • designed for businesses, entrepreneurs, private individuals
  • camera systems, sensors, sensors
  • complete services - assembly, extraction, service
  • Ensure the exit group in case of attacking the object - 24 hour range
  • PCO

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