Mobile monitoring

MOM - Mobile online monitoring

  • Professional mobile CCTV system, allowing continuous monitoring of any given area, even in poorly accessible locations, which can not be captured by commonly available means.
  • The system can be moved operationally in matter of just a few moments.
  • Online video recordings (video / audio) through both day and night.
  • Data logging with subsequent output according to client's individual wishes.
  • Hi-tech features of the MOM system.
  • Delivery and immediate service by professionally trained staff.
  • Immediate customer training with the possibility of using the MOM system within 15 minutes.
  • The possibility of using a complex legal service in connection with the cases connected with the use of the MOM system.
  • Individual and discreet approach to solving all situations in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Price list

1 week (1 - 7 days) 5.000, -CZK/day

2 weeks (8 - 14 days) 4.000, -CZK/day

3 weeks (15 - X days) 3.000, -CZK/day

The price of the trip is charged 9, -CZK/km. Day is meant 24 hours.


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