Management and enforcement in the international transport

The training is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in transportation, for dispatchers and shippers. It aims to define the basic risks specific to the national and international transport in the claims management. It gives inside into the fundamental differences in debt service subjekt to the CMR Convention and the Commercial Code. It highlights the basic parameters of a proper administrative management in order to avoid lack of evidence. It highlights thefrequent a deliberace practice of fraudsters trying to familiarize the trainees with the basic element sof protection. Training is in the range of 8 hours. The trainer has 10 years experience in debt collection for a multinational freight forwarding and transportation company.

Brief content:

  • Basic principles of diligence
  • Proper basis of claims
  • Specifics of claims solutions in the international transport (basic difference in the application of the Code)
  • Frequency and timeliness
  • Claim management
  • Judicial and extrajudicial solution
  • Arbitration clause vs. general courts
  • Instruments for ensuring claims
  • CMR vs. Commercial Code

Place of training: Malátova 1983/4, 400 11 Ústí nad Labem

Price: CZK 2.500 + VAT

Limitation of receivables in the international transport is one of the shortest terms. Did you know that your claim is time-barred after one year? That you can not sue it any more? Do you know how to protect yourselves against trucking companies that have only one computer and leased office and when somebody does not pay them, they stick the name of the new company to the next office, change the phone number and take hands off from their commitment? No?

Then you have one more reason why to complete the training Management and enforcement of receivables in the international transport.