Management and enforcement of corporate debt

Training is aimed at managers of small and medium-sized enterprises and its objective is to familiarize trainees with the essence of debt management hierarchy in the company. It defines the risk management and competences in the development of claims. It deals with the basic principles and options for the risk management in the company. Training is in the rainge of 8 hours. The trainer is auditor of business risks.

Short training content:

  • Verification of domestic partners
  • Available sources
  • Interpretation of information from available sources
  • Applications in practice
  • Correct order
  • Setting of decision-making processes
  • Authorization to the creation of commercial loans (assets) versus competence
  • Keying risk
  • Extrajudicial claim solution
  • Legal claim solution
  • Instruments for ensuring claims

Place of training: Malátova 1983/4, 400 11 Ústí nad Labem

Price: CZK 2.500 + VAT

A good and successful business can be a matter of one phone call. But what happens if.... If you have to substantiate your claim upon recovery? When you are forced to prove who, when and how many goods took over? When you have so many ativities that you can not properly guard the financial flows? When you register in your boks tens, hundreds of thousands or even several millions overdue, yet you get into a situation that you do not have money to pay?

In that case, training about management and enforcement of corporate claims is at least suitable for you.  Contact us if you are interes