About our company

Claim system s.r.o.

We claim debts!

Claim system s.r.o. was founded in 2012 by Martin Molzký and Ing. Filip Obdržálek in the effort to use ten years of employment experience in the field of receivables, trade, transport and forwarding in ZDEMAR Ústí nad Labem s.r.o.

The founding of the company was not only a response to the need to further develop and exploit the experience gained, but of course the desire for self-realization. Our goal immediately became a satisfied client, reformed debtor and paid debt.

We are able to take over the administration and debt recovery agenda, but also to pass on the constantly evolving know-how to our customers. Customers who today and every day, in pursuing their own goals, must be able to defend against the risk of secondary insolvency. Customers who want to focus primarily on what benefits them and not to blame the debtors.

During the life of Claim system s.r.o. our services are beneficial not only to entrepreneurs but also to citizens who have borrowed their money in good faith to get them back. Individuals who have difficulty finding a way to pay for their children if not in their care.

A wide portfolio of services, a long-term experience in the field and a professional approach enable our clients to solve in time and effectively not only the recovery of receivables, but also the prevention of their occurrence. We are looking for solutions for both small business and dynamic large-scale companies.

We resolve many disputes with the main purpose of resolving disagreements out of court. Our customers can expect us to lead a constructive debate with the borrower with a focus on the outcome. We specialize in tracing a debtor if he does not communicate. We do not believe that the letter itself will make sense. During debt settlement with the debtor, we try to verify his claim and to obtain information and documentation for a possible court settlement. If our effort fails to resolve the debt out of court, then it is our aim to recommend the most effective way for the customer to resolve an unprivileged situation, for example in the form of criminal proceedings, lawsuits or, for example, insolvency.

We also engage in awareness-raising activities where we aim to educate young people to avoid mistakes that get them out of the path of meaningful life.

We will be glad if you leave your worries about the claims on us.