Extrajudicial debt collection

We offer a professional and comprehensive approach in extrajudicial recovery. Services tailored and personal approach will help you to get rid of worries about debt recovery.

Management of receivables for recovery

We will take your claim to be recovered FREE OF CHARGE, we will evaluate quality of the claim also for FREE and propose a tentative price incl. justification. We bear the cost of extrajudicial recovery, commission is payable on the amount paid! 

Management of claims package to be recovered

If you have more problematic claims - we will take them for recovery FREE OF CHARGE, we will evaluate the quality of the claims complex also for FREE and propose the price for recovery of the claims package. We bear the cost of extrajudicial recovery, commission is payable on the amount paid! More claims submitted have a positive influence on prices because we are able to spread the cost of debt recovery among more debtors.

Management of overdue receivables

In case you want to have all your receivables under control of professionals, and not stay worried constantly about them, then we will provide the claims management for you to a very reasonable price from A to Z. This servicel improves significantly theň cashflow and reduces the cost of recovery. It will also provide a timely and professional approach when the debtor does not intend to pay or makes a bank from your company for himself.

Reminder service

The reminder service provides the debt management to the due date when the client is asked in a very polite form for timely payment.

Buyout of receivable 

Sale of a receivable is a solution in those cases where you need to monetize the receivable to be recovered and can not afford to wait or pay court costs of collection. The disadvantage is a low buyout price, on the contrary, the advantage is an immediate monetization of the receivable to be recovered.

How can we help with your disputes?

Any disputes have their reasons. These can be both justified and unjustified. It is an advantage if the parties in contention manage to avoid judicial resolution of their dispute. It is often a diference whether you're in the right or you only feel to be right. We are able to properly evaluate your situation. We are able to make every effort to convince the other party that a settlement agreement is beneficial for all parties involved.

We are another element in your communication with the debtor. We are your means to ensure a professional and efficient solution management and recovery of debts.